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Hunter and Clark use Picnam to manage scanned invoices and timesheets. 

"What a great program!  I've been goofing off for months with other programs and this is the easiest to use and simple to boot." Bernhard R.


Installation Instructions

Online Documentation

Managing Scanned Documents

Picnam contains features to make working with scanned documents easier.

Why Text Files?

The most common question people ask about Picnam is "Why did you choose to use text files for comments?" This article gives some of the reasons you might prefer to use text files rather than metadata to store information about your pictures.

Recording Information About Genealogy and Family History Photos

Picnam is ideal for making notes about scanned documents and photos for family history or genealogy.

Preserving Digital Photos

Digital photography makes it easy to take lots of photos, but they are very easily lost. What can you do to make sure your photos survive for years to come?


.NET Framework Version

Service Pack 1 for .NET Framework version 1.1 is recommended if you use long folder names. Service Pack 1 fixes a severe bug in the Folder Browser dialog used to open folders and choose the destination for move/copy operations. Without Service Pack 1, a path longer than about 128 characters will crash the program.

Use Windows Update to install Service Pack 1 or download it from

Login after .NET Framework installation

If your computer is set up to automatically login to windows (ie. you are not asked for a username or password when you boot the computer), it may no longer happen after installing the .NET Framework. This is because the .NET Framework installation creates another user account called ASPNET.

To fix this problem:

  1. Click Start->Run and enter CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2
  2. In the "Users" tab select the user that should be logged in automatically
  3. Uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer"
  4. Click Apply and enter the password (if any) for the account you selected.

The Microsoft description of this problem at:;en-us;827072
suggests that .NET Framework Service Pack 1 resolves this problem, but this has not been verified.

Shortcut problems

The shortcuts created by the installation procedure may not work. This has been observed on Windows 98 when the PC has not been rebooted after installing the .NET Framework. Rebooting the computer may fix the problem.

If the problem persists after rebooting, delete the shortcut then create a new one by browsing the application directory (usually "C:\Program Files\Rowley\Picnam\Picnam.exe"), right clicking Picnam.exe and choosing "Create Shortcut."

Drag the shortcut to the desired location eg. the Desktop.

Windows 98 and ME issues

The following are known problems running under Windows 98 or Windows ME:

  1. When opening a folder or selecting a target folder for move/copy operations under Windows 98, the folder browser dialog does not open to the last used folder. It always opens to the Desktop.
  2. The maximum length of text files that can be displayed and edited on Windows 98 and ME is 32KB. If a text file is longer than 32KB, the first 32KB will be displayed but you will not be allowed to change it.