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Hunter and Clark use Picnam to manage scanned invoices and timesheets. 

"What a great program!  I've been goofing off for months with other programs and this is the easiest to use and simple to boot." Bernhard R.


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Why Text Files?

The most common question people ask about Picnam is "Why did you choose to use text files for comments?" This article gives some of the reasons you might prefer to use text files rather than metadata to store information about your pictures.

Recording Information About Genealogy and Family History Photos

Picnam is ideal for making notes about scanned documents and photos for family history or genealogy.

Preserving Digital Photos

Digital photography makes it easy to take lots of photos, but they are very easily lost. What can you do to make sure your photos survive for years to come?

Managing Scanned Documents

When scanning documents, it is important to give the files names that allow you to easily find the document you need. Cataloging methods that may work with digital photos don't always work well with scanned documents. Thumbnails are of little use - the thumbnails for a folder full of documents will probably all look the same. The shooting date might help you locate a particular photo, but the date a document was scanned is less useful. Giving the file a meaningful name is particularly important.

Picnam was originally created as a tool for managing scanned documents, and it contains features specifically designed for working with documents on screen.

Read documents on screen

The majority of the window is used to display the image, which usually makes the image large enough to read the text of the document as you rename it. This is obviously an advantage when you want to name images based on the content.

Click the image for a larger view

Maintain the scroll position from page to page

Sometimes the information you need to determine the name is not at the top of the document, for example the date might be in the bottom corner. Picnam maintains the scroll position as you move from one image to the next, so you don't have to scroll to the bottom of each document as you rename.

Tip: It is usually easiest to work with documents with the image set to "Fit Width". This makes it easy to read full lines of text without scrolling. The page can be scrolled vertically as required. Set the option Image->Fit Width from the menu.