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Hunter and Clark use Picnam to manage scanned invoices and timesheets. 

"What a great program!  I've been goofing off for months with other programs and this is the easiest to use and simple to boot." Bernhard R.


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Managing Scanned Documents

Picnam contains features to make working with scanned documents easier.

Why Text Files?

The most common question people ask about Picnam is "Why did you choose to use text files for comments?" This article gives some of the reasons you might prefer to use text files rather than metadata to store information about your pictures.

Recording Information About Genealogy and Family History Photos

Picnam is ideal for making notes about scanned documents and photos for family history or genealogy.

Preserving Digital Photos

Digital photography makes it easy to take lots of photos, but they are very easily lost. What can you do to make sure your photos survive for years to come?


Due to a lack of time to support and develop Picnam, we have decided to stop selling licenses.

Refunds are available on request for anyone who purchased in the last 12 months if you feel like this would have changed your purchasing decision. Please contact

Existing customers can also contact for lost license keys and limited support for other issues. Existing customers can also purchase additional license keys if required.

Thank you for your past support. 


Picnam is a simple way to manage digital photos and other images. It allows you to easily rename photos so they are easy to find, and allows you to record information about the image in a related text file.

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Add Text

You can record information about an image, which is saved in a text file with the same name. Data in text files can be used from most programs and read and edited on any system without special software. You can record large amounts of information, and create templates if you need to insert the same data for multiple pictures. Picnam moves, copies and renames the text file at the same time as the image.

Bulk Rename

Multiple pictures can be renamed at the same time using the Bulk Rename function. The new name can be a simple name, or you can create a pattern to include the photo date and time in various formats (including the day of the week), parts of the old name,  incrementing numbers and a counter.

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System Requirements

Supported File Types

Picnam works with JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and PNG files.